Diaspora Diaries

This is a place where everyone that has an experience with living abroad can write down their story.
(City changers are also welcome)

You can use your knowledge and the situations you have gone through to help someone with similar problems, everyday frustrations or just make them feel less alone.

You can write about the reasons and background of your migration. After all, we are all just human beings in a search for peace and happiness.

Let your fellow humans know they are surrounded with others of their kind. Make them feel less scared and lonely.


Nowadays, there are a lot of people migrating in a search for a better life. People are changing towns, cities, states and even continents in their quest for better surroundings. They are searching for a place where they can feel more at ease, chase their dreams or simply live their life.

Moving to a place different from the one you were born in, accustomed to and familiar with is often a difficult and long process. Unique experience that can be filled with a lot of misunderstandings and dead ends, all of which lead to frustration and overwhelming feeling of loneliness.

It is hard to walk through unknown streets filled with busy unfamiliar faces, signs, foreign languages, different climate and culture trying to get your foot in the door and organize your new life. Every community has its way of doing things, frequently, not so clearly explained. It is natural to feel lost and confused.

Very often a person changing it’s environment has a fresh and highly perceptive regard towards new culture and corresponding customs. They can spot a bizarre rule of conduct from miles ahead. Everyone of us has a story to tell, advise to give and experience to share. No one knows who you can help or amuse with your anecdotes.

Recent stories

I have finished law school in Zagreb, Croatia and thought that I will easily, well maybe not that easily but certainly in a cou

by Elena
3 months ago

It is always the same, it is always difficult and you always have yourself.

by Tanja Mil
4 months ago

I was cold and lonely all the time. The solution was to fall in love, naturally...

by Hana
4 months ago